self managed super


selfmanagedsuper magazine is a new publication launched in early 2013 aimed at providing advisers servicing clients with a self managed superannuation fund with comprehensive editorial content regarding the fastest growing retirement savings sector.

selfmanagedsuper is the definitive publication covering Australia’s SMSF sector. It uniquely offers both online and print publications tailored separately for SMSF professionals and individual trustees participating in the fastest growing and largest sector of the superannuation industry. As such, it is a must read for those wanting to stay informed about the latest news, regulatory developments, technical strategies, investments, compliance, legal and administration issues concerning SMSFs.


Housing content from the magazine and all the latest news, keeps you connected and informed about all of the most important self managed superannuation fund issues.



financial observer

Launched in early 2013, is dedicated to providing daily news and other in depth content for financial planners, accountants, fund managers, superannuation professionals and wealth managers.

An experienced financial services editorial team delivers quality, relevant and reliable industry news direct to you.

the insto report

Launched in 2013 is aimed at investment professionals working at the wholesale level including super fund trustees, custodians, asset consultants, implemented consultants, insurance professionals and technology experts.

Readers can access the latest news as well as regular feature articles and industry insights from peers, as well as industry debates.

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